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Wireframe & Prototype

A wireframe is a basic visual representation of a web page or software interface. It focuses on the layout, structure, and organization of the elements without delving into finer details such as colors, fonts, or images. Wireframes are typically created using simple shapes, lines, and placeholders to outline the different sections and components of a page.

  • Wireframes visually represent layout and structure in designs.
  • They focus on organization without detailed visuals.
  • Wireframes serve as blueprints for designers and stakeholders.
  • They identify usability issues and streamline design.

Wireframe & Prototype: Design Foundations and Interactive Testing

A prototype is an interactive model that simulates the functionality and behavior of the final product. It provides a more advanced representation compared to wireframes, allowing users to experience and interact with the interface as if it were a real application. Prototypes can range from low-fidelity representations, such as clickable mockups, to high-fidelity designs that closely resemble the final product.

  • Prototypes simulate final product functionality and behavior.
  • They offer interactive testing and user feedback.
  • Prototypes range from low- to high-fidelity designs.
  • Prototyping reduces risks by validating designs before development.

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